David Tovar, “Your Local Home Marketing Specialist”

David Tovar of Exit Castillo Realty, (independently owned and operated), commissioned Republic Design Company for the design, production, and implementation of the following 3 marketing collateral elements:

  1. Business Cards
  2. Open House ‘Directionals’ (Signs)
  3. “Support At Home,” Poster/Ad Campaign

For his business cards, the objective was simple. We streamlined the formatting of his contact information and removed the background of his profile picture, so that you can only see David Tovar, then maximized his pictures size and placement. David Tovar requested we include a “FREE e-Coupon from Lowe’s Home Improvement,” offer on the backside of his business card (available at: smarturl.it/DavidTovar). Finally, rounding out the backside of his business card, we included all his social media link-icons with the emphasis of his main website: www.DavidTovar.com, “Your Local Home Marketing Specialist.”

David Tovar Business Cards
David Tovar Business Cards

Next up, we took the same basic design elements from the front-side of David Tovar’s business cards and applied them to his “Open House ‘Directionals’ (coroplast signs).” Although there seems to be a lot less content on these signs, a lot of thought and consideration went into the size and placement of each item.

David Tovar Open House Signs
David Tovar Open House Signs

David Tovar is Indeed, “Your Local Home Marketing Specialist.” He’s donated over $100.ºº to the “Support At Home,” cause “Giving thanks to our active troops, veterans, and their families in the U.S.;” sponsored by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. His generous support has afforded him the opportunity to create and display this Poster/Advertisement at the respective coffee shop, located at 2180 N. Rose Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030. We emulated the ‘look-and-feel’ of the Coffee Shops Call-To-Action poster and incorporated David Tovar’s imagery and contact information for patrons to inquire directly.

David Tovar Support At Home Poster
David Tovar Support At Home Poster

Walgreens PSC “Prescription Savings Club”

Walgreens Store #7305, commissioned Republic Design Company for the design, implementation, and production of the following 4 elements:

1. Business Cards, 2. Posters, 3. Postcard/Flyers, 4. Banner + Stand

(Walgreens PSC Business Cards Image)

The company has created and instituted a new program designed for people who have insufficient drug coverage and who want to take advantage of discount pricing on medications. This program is called the Walgreens “Prescription Savings Club, (PSC)”.

(Walgreens PSC Business Card)

Republic Design Company was called-upon to highlight/accentuate the “PSC‘s” core competencies in order to inform perspective Walgreens patrons as-well-as drive membership purchase at all point-of-purchase locations, (with increased emphasis in-and-around Pharmacy counter).

(Walgreens PSC Postcard/Fyer)

We created this Postcard/Flyer for Pharmacy Technicians to fill-and-mail-out to select pharmacy clients/patients.

(Walgreens PSC Poster)

We were also asked to create a poster where they (clients, patient’s and employees alike), could view at the entrance to the pharmacy counter, restrooms, and warehouse entrance.

(Walgreens PSC Banner with Stand)

Lastly, we suggested the design of this banner accompanied with a stand, to be placed at the entrance of the store and the pharmacy counter.

We are happy to report (as of this journal entry), that the marketing collateral we designed, created, and implemented for Walgreens Store #7305 has helped make them the leading “PSC” membership driver in their district.