Century 21 Door Hangers

Ricardo Salazar of Century 21 Hilltop commissioned Republic Design Company for the design and production of his Century 21 Door Hangers

Century 21 Door Hangers
Century 21 Door Hangers

Real Estate Listing Specialist, Ricardo Salazar, asked we design and create a marketing piece he could use to reach-out to current and perspective home buyers and sellers. The beauty of this marketing piece is that it functions both when making face-to-face contact with current and perspective clients, as-well-as, when not making face-to-face contact. Simply put, ‘if nobody’s home, leave a door-hanger’. The door hangers accentuate Ricardo and his “Dream Team’s” strengths, accomplishments, well-wishes, services-offered, along-with ‘success stories’ of recent listings (like www.660cortecorridacamarillo.com) and all pertinent contact info.


Walgreens PSC “Prescription Savings Club”

Walgreens Store #7305, commissioned Republic Design Company for the design, implementation, and production of the following 4 elements:

1. Business Cards, 2. Posters, 3. Postcard/Flyers, 4. Banner + Stand

(Walgreens PSC Business Cards Image)

The company has created and instituted a new program designed for people who have insufficient drug coverage and who want to take advantage of discount pricing on medications. This program is called the Walgreens “Prescription Savings Club, (PSC)”.

(Walgreens PSC Business Card)

Republic Design Company was called-upon to highlight/accentuate the “PSC‘s” core competencies in order to inform perspective Walgreens patrons as-well-as drive membership purchase at all point-of-purchase locations, (with increased emphasis in-and-around Pharmacy counter).

(Walgreens PSC Postcard/Fyer)

We created this Postcard/Flyer for Pharmacy Technicians to fill-and-mail-out to select pharmacy clients/patients.

(Walgreens PSC Poster)

We were also asked to create a poster where they (clients, patient’s and employees alike), could view at the entrance to the pharmacy counter, restrooms, and warehouse entrance.

(Walgreens PSC Banner with Stand)

Lastly, we suggested the design of this banner accompanied with a stand, to be placed at the entrance of the store and the pharmacy counter.

We are happy to report (as of this journal entry), that the marketing collateral we designed, created, and implemented for Walgreens Store #7305 has helped make them the leading “PSC” membership driver in their district.

“Noche De Estrellas”: Universal Music Latin Entertainment: Latin Grammys After-party

Universal Music Latin Entertainment commissioned Republic Design Company as the official Design Consultants for Universal Music Latin Entertainment’s, “Noche De Estrellas”, (presented by Dewar’s), Latin Grammy’s after-party extravaganza!

Universal Music Latin Entertainment received 51 Latin Grammy Nominations, making them the most nominated record label of the 2011 Latin Grammy Awards. As such, we were given the task of creating a centralized theme by which all marketing collateral elements would be designed after. After compiling the design brief from Universal Music Latin Entertainment, we created the following logo identity…


After the design and creation of the Universal Music Latin Entertainment, “Noche De Estrellas” (presented by Dewer’s) logo/identity/theme, we were then asked to design, create, implement, and produce the following marketing collateral pieces including:

1. Credentials

2. Invitations

3. Save the Dates

4. Step Repeat Media Wall

5. Tickets

6. Wristbands


1. Credentials:


2. Invitations:


3. Save The Date:


4. Step Repeat Media Wall:


5. Tickets:


6. Wristbands:


Special Thanks to Universal Music Latin Entertainment for allowing us the opportunity bring this project to fruition.

Special thanks to the people of Tropicana, Las Vegas for all your assistance and hospitality in Las Vegas, Nevada on 11.10.11. Nikki Beach, Las Vegas is an amazing venue!

Thanks to Dunkin’ Donuts for the $50 gift card .

Thanks to SESAC, Corona Extra, and mun2, for your assistance…

Thanks to all our partners and vendors who helped us bring this project to successful completion.

Tonaya Feed & Grain

Tonaya Feed & Grain commissioned REPUBLIC Design Company for the design & implementation of their “Hay & Grain” postcard flyer campaign.
The objective of this marketing piece is to remind their clients of their “Hay & Grain” special event that takes place the 1st Saturday of every month. This piece will be distributed to their walk-through clients, as-well-as mailed directly to their mailing list constituents.
“RE-connect with your PUBLIC… REPUBLIC!”

RDM General Contractors

The principals of RDM General Contractors Inc., commissioned REPUBLIC Design Company for the design, implementation, and production of their latest postcard/flyer ad campaign.
The objective of this marketing piece is to leave at any and all p.o.p. of their strategic partners, as-well-as mail to existing/perspective clients.
“RE-connect with your PUBLIC… REPUBLIC!”

2nd Annual Wine & Art Trail, "Rediscovering Downtown Oxnard" Postcard/Flyer Ad Campaign!

New to Ventura County!!!
The 2nd Annual Wine & Art Trail, “Rediscovering Downtown Oxnard” event is fast approaching (Sunday, April 18th, 2010, from 1 – 5p.m.)! As such, REPUBLIC Design Company has devised a strategic, sophisticated looking postcard/flyer ad campaign, to flood the Ventura county market. The objective? Create awareness throughout Ventura County with this polished piece of marketing collateral.
RE-connect with your PUBLIC… REPUBLIC!