Momentis by Just Energy

Vanessa Camacho, Senior Director of “Momentis” (by Just Energy), commissioned Republic Design Company for the design, implementation, and production of her business cards:

Momentis by Just Energy, Vanessa Camacho, business cards
"Momentis" (by Just Energy), Vanessa Camacho, business cards

Vanessa wasn’t happy with the previous design and production of her last batch of “Momentis” business cards. She e-mailed me a iPhone pic of her business card and asked us to “work our magic.”

Original "Momentis" (by Just Energy) business card
Original "Momentis" (by Just Energy) business card

Previously, the Camacho family commissioned Republic Design Company for the original design and creation of (parent company), “Camacho & Associates Corporation,” and (subsidiary) “Viajes Maryvel” logo/identities (including various other marketing collateral pieces found on our portfolio-website). With this insight, we “tweeked” the globe in the Camacho & Associates and Viajes Maryvel logo into the form of a “light-bulb.” The “icing-on-the-cake, (so-to-speak)” was the implementation of a “spot UV mask” over the/and-in-the-shape-of, the glass-portion of light-bulb…

Camacho & Associates logo, Viajes Maryvel logo, "Momentis" (by Just Energy) business card (FRONT & BACK)
Camacho & Associates logo, Viajes Maryvel logo, "Momentis" (by Just Energy) business card (FRONT & BACK)

Aside from referring back to the original design briefs compiled for each of the previously created logo/identities; it was a natural progression to implement the same color schemes/gradients and so-forth for the Momentis business card…

Camacho & Associates, Viajes Maryvel, Momentis by Just Energy business cards
Camacho & Associates, Viajes Maryvel, "Momentis" (by Just Energy) business cards

Dominicks Italian Restaurant

New Logo/Identity Re-design options:

Current Logo/Identity RE-Design:

The owners of Dominicks Italian Restaurant solicited REPUBLIC Design Company in the  formulation of some preliminary Logo/Identity RE-design Options. 
“Same family since 1949”
Dominicks is a staple in Ventura County with a sophisticated, delectable cuisine! 
Tell us which Logo/Identity you like best?!

Camacho & Associates, Corporation

New Logo/Identity:

Old Logo/Identity

Camacho & Associates commissioned REPUBLIC to design a new Logo/Identity for the Title Company. 
Key objectives of the newly revamped logo was to make it “friendlier” in appearance and it have more branding power via innovative design. 
If you look closely, the globe inside of the “a” in “associates”, is the same style & design as the globe above the “i” inside the “Viajes Maryvel” logo/identity (see Monday, June 8th entry). This was strategically created as the two companies are interrelated, and as a part of our strategy to utilize both companies logo/identity equities collectively. Consistency is a key element to effective branding & Logo recognition. As such, the shared association of the “globe” only serves to garner crossover appeal (& profits).