Eden’s Storm Troopers T-Shirt Design

Republic Design Company had the great honor and privilege to be commissioned in the design of, “Eden’s Storm Troopers,” t-shirts for the upcoming annual Aut2Run, Autism Society Ventura County, charity event.

eden's storm troopers t-shirt design for Aut2Run

Aut2Run is a 5k/10k/’Fun-K’, fundraiser event hosted by the Autism Society of Ventura County. This worthy cause and noble organization supports individuals with Autism and their families with resources and referrals in the Ventura County area of California; (a chapter of the Autism Society of America). 

Our clients supplied us with some great ideas for our design direction:

clients T-Shirt Ideas

They asked we incorporate Autism’s “Puzzle” theme, along with elements from the “Star Wars” movies into the design of their T-Shirts. We downloaded the “Stars Jedi font” and laid-out the “Eden’s Storm Troopers” title first. Then, we were asked to design a “Storm Trooper helmet” and somehow infuse “puzzle pieces” into the helmet. NO PROBLEM! Next, we were asked to design crossing “light-sabers” along with complimentary positive reinforcement messages on front and back.

Aut2Run 5k/10K/’Fun K’ takes place April 17. Again, we’d like to thank “Eden’s Storm Troopers,” for the opportunity to assist on such a note-worthy cause…

Custom T-Shirt Screen-Printing Design (+ Pricing)

republic screenprinting ad



When it comes to ‘Custom T-Shirt Screen-Printing Design’ the options are seemingly endless. That is why we at Republic Design Company have put together this simple ad-campaign to give current and perspective clients an idea of costs. We hope that you find this informative and invite you to contact us for any-and-all design projects you may have on the horizon.

Screen-Printing is just one segment of our business. We work in all platforms, including, graphic design for websites, printing, and promotional products. Visit us on-line at www.republicdesigncompany.com for a preview of the work we’ve been privileged to accumulate over the past seven years. We enjoy working with our clients, as-much-as they love getting great results…

Best Regards,





Rafael Yepez
–Principal, Republic Design Company

KO Boxing & Fitness T Shirts

The principals of KO Boxing & Fitness commissioned Republic Design Company for the design and production of their KO Knockout Boxing & Fitness T Shirts:

KO Boxing & Fitness T Shirts (final)

We worked closely with KO Boxing & Fitness to come-up with and design a variety of t-shirt design mock-ups. The following are a few of the designs we (both) came up with:

KO Boxing & Fitness T Shirts (variations)

KO Boxing & Fitness is located at 560 South “A” Street, Oxnard, CA 93030. They are a staple in Downtown Oxnard.

Boob Crew 805

In support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation Walk-a-thon, REPUBLIC Design Company, in conjunction with “Boob Crew 805”, teamed-up to design and produce the team t-shirts!

Hueneme High School Wrestling Team T-shirts



Hueneme High School’s Wrestling Team commissioned REPUBLIC Design Company for the digital re-design, implementation, and production of the Hueneme High School’s Wrestling Teams t-shirts!
The first two images (from top to bottom pictured above) are the original pencil sketches the students of the Hueneme High School Wrestling Team designed themselves. They asked we scan their artwork and digitally recreate (two middle pictures) and prepare for silkscreen processing onto Hanes “50/50” Black T-shirts. The last two images are “fresh off the press…”
Delivered just-in-time for Hueneme High School’s first “Pep-Rally” we are pleased to learn that the T-shirts were a smash hit!

Villa Park High School, Erika for Senior Class V.P.

Pencil Sketch:

Graphic Recreation/Outline:

What it will look like after silk-screen:

Special Thanks to Erika Herrera of Villa Park High School, (Villa Park, CA) for the pencil sketch design & digital rendering of her “Erika for Senior Class V.P.” T-Shirt. 
Erika requested REPUBLIC employ our “tagging/bombing” capabilities [chuckle] to design an innovative, fun, cool, T-shirt for her Vice Presidency campaign. She will be distributing 48 shirts to her close friends to wear the weeks leading up to her election (hopefully).
Good Luck Erika! 

Smooths Barber Shop

Thanks to (my barber) Patrick, aka “Smooth”, from Smooths Barber Shop, for soliciting our services for the re-creation & design of his car license plate. He want’s to place this design on some T shirts for his staff barbers and select clientele. 
For the sharpest blades & the meanest fades in Ventura County, look no further…
Smooth’s Barber Shop
2676 S. Ventura Rd. 
Oxnard, CA 93033
(805) 240-3222
(You can pay me later for that awesome “catch-phrase” Smooth).