2023 El Pachuco Zoot Suits Calendar Design and Production

El Pachuco Zoot Suits commissioned Republic Design Company for the design and production of their 2023 El Pachuco Zoot Suits 45th Anniversary Calendar.

2023 El Pachuco Zoot Suits 45th Anniversary Calendar

El Pachuco Zoot Suits provided us with professional photography for us to incorporate and format into each month of the calendar year. We designed the actual days-of-the-year from scratch with major holidays observed; in-conjunction with the birthdays of notable contributors to the Pachuco movement like Edward James Olmos, Tin-Tan, and Phyllis Estrella (Founder of El Pachuco Zoot Suits), and many more…

For the images with horizontal orientation, we left those unencumbered for the beauty of the photography to be seen uninhibited. For the images with vertical orientation, we designed custom graphics that complimented not only the image itself; but also the holiday of note of each particular month.

We recreated a variety of original graphic design elements like thee El Pachuco Zoot Suits store-front using Adobe Illustrator. We then photoshopped a picture of owners Phyllis & Ray Estrella on the back cover with an excerpt (and social media links) of El Pachuco Zoot Suits.

2023 El Pachuco Zoot Suits 45th Anniversary Calendar Back Cover

To purchase a copy of thee 2023 El Pachuco Zoot Suit 45th Anniversary Calendar, please visit:

Eden’s Storm Troopers T-Shirt Design

Republic Design Company had the great honor and privilege to be commissioned in the design of, “Eden’s Storm Troopers,” t-shirts for the upcoming annual Aut2Run, Autism Society Ventura County, charity event.

eden's storm troopers t-shirt design for Aut2Run

Aut2Run is a 5k/10k/’Fun-K’, fundraiser event hosted by the Autism Society of Ventura County. This worthy cause and noble organization supports individuals with Autism and their families with resources and referrals in the Ventura County area of California; (a chapter of the Autism Society of America). 

Our clients supplied us with some great ideas for our design direction:

clients T-Shirt Ideas

They asked we incorporate Autism’s “Puzzle” theme, along with elements from the “Star Wars” movies into the design of their T-Shirts. We downloaded the “Stars Jedi font” and laid-out the “Eden’s Storm Troopers” title first. Then, we were asked to design a “Storm Trooper helmet” and somehow infuse “puzzle pieces” into the helmet. NO PROBLEM! Next, we were asked to design crossing “light-sabers” along with complimentary positive reinforcement messages on front and back.

Aut2Run 5k/10K/’Fun K’ takes place April 17. Again, we’d like to thank “Eden’s Storm Troopers,” for the opportunity to assist on such a note-worthy cause…

iPhone Business Cards


Our latest iPhone inspired business cards.


Everyone loves Mac products in-part because of their clean design. Now your business cards can have that same clean design inspiration. Fully customizable. Choose your favorite ‘screen-saver’. Adjust your contact info the way you like. The opportunities are endless.

Buy yours today at:


www.republicdesigncompany.com  |  (805) 822-4373  |  holler@republicdesigncompany.com  |  hablamos español 

NEW ‘Energy Code Services’ Website

Thanks Energy Code Services for your kind words…

ECS 209.288.4327


We’d like to give a ‘big shout-out’, to the good folks over at Republic Design Company for the design and implementation of our brand-spanking-new Energy Code Services (ECS) business cards, logo/brand/identity, and company website. Their pragmatic approach to design taught us a great deal about how to effectively use our logo across various mediums, platforms, and collateral. It’s a partnership we hope to foster for years to come.

Thanks Republic Design Company!

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