Momentis by Just Energy

Vanessa Camacho, Senior Director of “Momentis” (by Just Energy), commissioned Republic Design Company for the design, implementation, and production of her business cards:

Momentis by Just Energy, Vanessa Camacho, business cards
"Momentis" (by Just Energy), Vanessa Camacho, business cards

Vanessa wasn’t happy with the previous design and production of her last batch of “Momentis” business cards. She e-mailed me a iPhone pic of her business card and asked us to “work our magic.”

Original "Momentis" (by Just Energy) business card
Original "Momentis" (by Just Energy) business card

Previously, the Camacho family commissioned Republic Design Company for the original design and creation of (parent company), “Camacho & Associates Corporation,” and (subsidiary) “Viajes Maryvel” logo/identities (including various other marketing collateral pieces found on our portfolio-website). With this insight, we “tweeked” the globe in the Camacho & Associates and Viajes Maryvel logo into the form of a “light-bulb.” The “icing-on-the-cake, (so-to-speak)” was the implementation of a “spot UV mask” over the/and-in-the-shape-of, the glass-portion of light-bulb…

Camacho & Associates logo, Viajes Maryvel logo, "Momentis" (by Just Energy) business card (FRONT & BACK)
Camacho & Associates logo, Viajes Maryvel logo, "Momentis" (by Just Energy) business card (FRONT & BACK)

Aside from referring back to the original design briefs compiled for each of the previously created logo/identities; it was a natural progression to implement the same color schemes/gradients and so-forth for the Momentis business card…

Camacho & Associates, Viajes Maryvel, Momentis by Just Energy business cards
Camacho & Associates, Viajes Maryvel, "Momentis" (by Just Energy) business cards

H&R Plumbing & Drains

H&R Plumbing & Drains commissioned REPUBLIC Design Company for the design and implementation of their original company logo/identity creation and business cards…

Henry asked we incorporate the silhouette of the classic “adjustable-pipe-wrench” into the background of his logo type-font. We collaboratively concluded that this imagery was both iconic and reminiscent of a Plumbers classic “tool-of-the trade”…
Next, on H&R Plumbing & Drains to-do list:
Stay tuned for the end result…
“RE-connect with your PUBLIC… REPUBLIC!”

H&L Salas Business Services, Inc.

Old Business Card:

New Business Card:

Special thanks to Livier & Henry Salas of H&L Salas Business Services for soliciting our services in the design, recreation & update of their corporate identity and business card. 
The best work (in our opinion), comes from close client partnerships, and a strong foundation of trust… 
With careful consideration and attention to detail, we are able to create that elusive “Je-Nous-Se-Qua” that causes an identity to cast a shadow on all predecessors…

Attitudes at Mandalay

Thanks to Tracey Jordan of Attitudes at Mandalay for soliciting REPUBLIC’s services in the design, implementation and printing of their business cards and tri-fold. 
Pictured here are the business cards printed on Neenah Paper, Environment Series 80# Cover, “Tortilla” (name of Paper design/texture). 
“Feliz Cinco de Mayo”!