2023 El Pachuco Zoot Suits Calendar Design and Production

El Pachuco Zoot Suits commissioned Republic Design Company for the design and production of their 2023 El Pachuco Zoot Suits 45th Anniversary Calendar.

2023 El Pachuco Zoot Suits 45th Anniversary Calendar

El Pachuco Zoot Suits provided us with professional photography for us to incorporate and format into each month of the calendar year. We designed the actual days-of-the-year from scratch with major holidays observed; in-conjunction with the birthdays of notable contributors to the Pachuco movement like Edward James Olmos, Tin-Tan, and Phyllis Estrella (Founder of El Pachuco Zoot Suits), and many more…

For the images with horizontal orientation, we left those unencumbered for the beauty of the photography to be seen uninhibited. For the images with vertical orientation, we designed custom graphics that complimented not only the image itself; but also the holiday of note of each particular month.

We recreated a variety of original graphic design elements like thee El Pachuco Zoot Suits store-front using Adobe Illustrator. We then photoshopped a picture of owners Phyllis & Ray Estrella on the back cover with an excerpt (and social media links) of El Pachuco Zoot Suits.

2023 El Pachuco Zoot Suits 45th Anniversary Calendar Back Cover

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