Alcaraz Catering Inc.

The principals of Alcaraz Catering Inc. commissioned REPUBLIC Design Company for the re-design & re-creation of their corporate identity, as well as the design of this sharp looking letterhead!

Previously, Alcaraz Catering had 2 different logo/identities floating around their organization. One resembled your stereotypical “baker” (wearing a classic white chef’s hat), one-dimensional, holding a tray of different kinds of bread… The second, was of a waiter (not too different from the one pictured above), with the company name below it. The client chose for us to explore the latter of the two.
Other important elements to infuse into this project was their motto: “When you want the very best!”, and “Est. 1982.” The identity they found fit best for their needs almost has a “emblematic”/”official seal” look to it.
The Alcaraz Catering “official seal of approval” has REPUBLIC’s “official seal of approval.”
“RE-connect with your PUBLIC… REPUBLIC!”