Phil’s Custom Painting: Website Design

The principal of Phil’s Custom Painting commissioned Republic Design company for the design and implementation of website. website website

Founder and Principal of Phil’s Custom Painting, Felipe Estrada S., has been in-business for over 10 years. They specialize in custom paint job projects for in-and-around the home and/or office.

The goal was to create an online presence where current and perspective clients could contact them for project opportunities. We created a wordpress website that featured them in a variety of ways.

Their welcome page is vibrant and informative, complete with welcome, about, service area, testimonials, contact, gallery, and location. It also features Phil’s Custom Painting on popular social media platforms such as: facebook, twitter, linkedingoogle+, and instagram.

Thanks for Felipe Estrada S., of Phil’s Custom Painting for the opportunity to be of-assistance.

Melanie Baldonado: Comedian, Model, Actress

Comedian, Model, Actress, Melanie Baldonado commissioned Republic Design Company for the design and implementation of her website,

Melanie Baldonado website
Melanie Baldonado website

Melanie Baldonado had already identified her “online voice,” which is one of the most tedious obstacles to initiate. She was already present on various social media platforms like facebook, twitter, and google+. This puts her ahead of the game because she was already laying-down the ground-work for her “online presence.” Melanie Baldonado had also already begun a series of hilarious youtube videos. As the world knows, the Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.), potential/capabilities of online video are astronomical.

So it seems like Melanie Baldonado was doing pretty good on her own. For all the reasons mentioned above, (and then some), Melanie Baldonado was doing GREAT as a matter of fact. From an online perspective, Melanie Baldonado was “All Over The Net…” At this point, your probably wondering, “Why hire Republic Design Company?” Answer: “Bring It All Home…

The objective of, was to create a centralized location for her audience to learn about Melanie Baldonado and engage across all of her ongoing platforms. Perhaps a fan see’s her perform comedy somewhere, but didn’t realize she was also an Actress. Perhaps a talent agent is interested in seeing and learning more about Melanie Baldonado? For all of these reasons, (and more), a website made more-and-more sense.

After developing the website creative brief, we asked Melanie Baldonado to give us any-and-all photography she felt best represented her. Fortunate for Republic Design Company, Melanie Baldonado ‘isn’t hard to look at…’ She made the job of creating and developing the visual presence of very easy… We began by editing and cropping some great, high-resolution images, putting her name in thee proverbial “Big Lights,” and sparsely spreading her images throughout. The result is the main Melanie Baldonado main header also found throughout most all her different social media platforms.

Melanie Baldonado main header
Melanie Baldonado main header

To add a little variety to the norm heading titles, we organized and labeled her website heading’s with funny titles like, “Du-Jour, 411, Stalk, Watch, Pix, and Holler.” We instituted a blog, contact section, stalk her across a myriad of social media platforms and highlighted her Performance Calendar and Instagram pictures at bottom of each page of her website.

We’re very happy and thankful for the opportunity to assist Melanie Baldonado on this project.

Luis A. Jimenez, President and CEO of, commissioned Republic Design Company for the design and implementation of the official website. specializes in providing high quality business entity formulation services for entrepreneurs, CPA’s, accountants, enrolled agents, small business, and everyone in-between. goal is to provide their clients with personalized, affordable, and high quality business services without sacrificing the expertise and professionalism found in some law firms. It’s absolutely vital to get your business started the right way. is there to assist… is a very content-driven website in that it’s primary focus is to inform perspective clients on a breadth of topics. As experts in their field, is able to bring considerable value to an otherwise complicated and arduous process of business forms, filings, documents, and services. Republic Design Company was called-upon to architect the information in a fluid, cohesive manner for distinguishes itself from its’ competitors by providing personalized service to their constituents. Businesses vary in their needs based on a myriad of factors. As such, “HOW TO START” page has several ways for the perspective client to get in-touch with a representative. 1. Email, 2. Phone, 3. “Instant Messenger” (top-center of every web-page).

Included in the design of their website was the integration of popular social media platforms “Twitter” and “Facebook” (found at the bottom, right hand corner of each page). Please make sure to “add” them as a friend on your facebook and twitter accounts. is a viable resource to have in any business’ corner!

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G&G Vending

The Principals of G&G Vending commissioned REPUBLIC Design Company for the complete RE-design and Implementation of their logo/identity, coupled with the introduction of the official G&G Vending website/online presence.

The logo/identity is indicative of veteran-vending-machine-expert/Father (Principal) Joseph “Big Joe” Gonzalez, and Son (Principal) Joseph “Little Joe” Gonzalez, Jr. G&G Vending is a family owned business with well-over 30 years experience. G&G Vending’s competitive advantage lies in their year’s of experience in custom tailoring optimal vending-machine solutions for their clients.

The G&G Vending Website had to reflect the company’s customized solutions approach to new, existing, and perspective clients, along with a “best-seller’s” list of products and services. Simply put, you browse through the “best seller’s” product list at, click on desired items, and “violá”, a comprehensive list of your desired choices gets sent directly to a G&G Vending operative and shortly there-after, you receive a phone-call to more accurately access your needs… Don’t see what you want in their “best-seller’s” product list? G&G Vending WILL get it for you! It’s the G&G Vending way of doing business.

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“RE-connect with your PUBLIC… REPUBLIC!”

Holiday Inn Express, Los Angeles Airport

Holiday Inn Express, Los Angeles Airport commissioned REPUBLIC Design Company for the re-design of their hotel website project.

Please visit to preview first-hand, all the new and innovative features we integrated into their website!