Century 21 Door Hangers

Ricardo Salazar of Century 21 Hilltop commissioned Republic Design Company for the design and production of his Century 21 Door Hangers

Century 21 Door Hangers
Century 21 Door Hangers

Real Estate Listing Specialist, Ricardo Salazar, asked we design and create a marketing piece he could use to reach-out to current and perspective home buyers and sellers. The beauty of this marketing piece is that it functions both when making face-to-face contact with current and perspective clients, as-well-as, when not making face-to-face contact. Simply put, ‘if nobody’s home, leave a door-hanger’. The door hangers accentuate Ricardo and his “Dream Team’s” strengths, accomplishments, well-wishes, services-offered, along-with ‘success stories’ of recent listings (like www.660cortecorridacamarillo.com) and all pertinent contact info.


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