Luis A. Jimenez, President and CEO of, commissioned Republic Design Company for the design and implementation of the official website. specializes in providing high quality business entity formulation services for entrepreneurs, CPA’s, accountants, enrolled agents, small business, and everyone in-between. goal is to provide their clients with personalized, affordable, and high quality business services without sacrificing the expertise and professionalism found in some law firms. It’s absolutely vital to get your business started the right way. is there to assist… is a very content-driven website in that it’s primary focus is to inform perspective clients on a breadth of topics. As experts in their field, is able to bring considerable value to an otherwise complicated and arduous process of business forms, filings, documents, and services. Republic Design Company was called-upon to architect the information in a fluid, cohesive manner for distinguishes itself from its’ competitors by providing personalized service to their constituents. Businesses vary in their needs based on a myriad of factors. As such, “HOW TO START” page has several ways for the perspective client to get in-touch with a representative. 1. Email, 2. Phone, 3. “Instant Messenger” (top-center of every web-page).

Included in the design of their website was the integration of popular social media platforms “Twitter” and “Facebook” (found at the bottom, right hand corner of each page). Please make sure to “add” them as a friend on your facebook and twitter accounts. is a viable resource to have in any business’ corner!

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