Chacmool Studio

Jose Alvizar, Principal of Chacmool Studio, commissioned Republic Design Company for the design, implementation, and production of the following elements:

1. Postcard/Flyer

2. Tumblr Account

3. Social Media configuration

Chacmool Studio Postcard/Flyer 'fresh-off-the-press'

Jose wanted to create a postcard/flyer that would exemplify a small sampling of his diverse body of work and “tattoo mediums”, like: ‘Color Realism’, ‘Black & Gray’, ‘Portraits’, ‘Bio-Mechanical’, and ‘American Traditional’ (to name a few)… Some tattoo style ‘trends’ don’t officially have (a) name(‘s) yet. As such, they are pictured in the postcard/flyer.

Chacmool Studio Postcard/Flyer 'front'

The back-side of this postcard/flyer features tattoo artwork by friend-of-Chacmool-Studio and collaborative partner, “Lalo MTZ”, (visit Lalo MTZ’s facebook page at: and/or his tumblr page at:

Chacmool Studio Postcard/Flyer 'back'

In talking with Jose during the development of his postcard/flyer, we learned that he’s been looking to establish a web presence beyond that of his Facebook page. “Due to popular demand” (quite literally actually), we explained the benefits of owning, managing and creating a Tumblr account:

Chacmool Studio 'tumblr'

BUT… We didn’t stop there!

(Due to it’s overwhelming popularity), we also created an ‘Instagram‘ account for several reasons; the most important of them being…

Chacmool Studio 'instagram' (as previewed through 'ink361)

…Instead of taking advantage of 1 great social medium, we made it possible for Jose to take advantage of 3 social media platforms.

“How”, do you ask?

Chacmool Studio 'facebook'

The answer is simple…

The beauty of these awesome Social Medium’s is that they make it a ‘piece-of-cake’ to make them talk to one-another! Simply put, whatever Jose posts on his Instagram account, will automatically post to his Tumblr account, which will automatically post into his Facebook account…

Social Media Flowchart

Pretty cool, huh…


Republic Design Company on WordPress


Republic Design Company is happy to announce the transition from Blogger to WordPress. It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally made the leap (Blogger [XHTML], to WordPress [CMS]). Although, in the exportation from Blogger to WordPress, some of our blog-posts got a little “skewed”; We look forward to smooth sailing and nice blogposts from here on-forward.

On-top-of-that, we’ve made substantial updates and changes to our web presence, (still lots going on as I type)…

When you click-on or visit, it no-longer takes you to our previous: “Blogger blog/website” (say that 3 times fast). We’ve decided to exemplify our portfolio on our brand spanking new platform (new offering from Simply put, “We Love ProSite”. It’s very malleable when it comes to uploading projects and does (in our opinion) the best job of exemplifying our clients and the projects we’ve collaborated on with them.

Aside from our ProSite and our transition from Blogger to WordPress, we’ve been “playing-around” with Tumblr (for several months now, actually).

“So what does it all mean’; ‘what’s the point of all this” you ask? I’ve got an answer. “Have faith”…

Republic Design Company will use the following platforms in the following ways:

1. Prosite: Republic Design Company’s “home-base”
2. WordPress: REPUBLIC’s “‘OUTfluence” (news, current events, insights gained BY REPUBLIC, TO the PUBLIC)
3. Tumblr: REPUBIC’s “INfluence” (news, current events, insights gained BY the PUBLIC [web], TO REPUBLIC)
4. Twitter: voice of the company

Like we said before, we are still developing other facets of our online presence (did we hear you say “S.E.O?! No?! Okay, nevermind. We’ll come back to that SOON).

“Stay tuned…” Much more fun stuff to come from your friendly neighborhood design firm…

“RE-connect with your (new) PUBLIC… REPUBLIC!”