Lauren’s Bridal Shower Invitations

(One of Lauren’s) “Maid(s)-of-Honor,” commissioned Republic Design Company, for the design and production of Lauren’s Bridal Shower Invites.

Lauren’s Bridal Shower Invitations include:

  1. Main Invite (5in x 7in)
  2. Keepsake Idea Card (2in x 3.5in)
  3. Gift Ideas Card (2in x 3.5in)
  4. Thank-You Card (4in x 4in)

After collecting a series of examples of what they wanted to emulate in the design of this project; our client came up with a variety of floral + pastel-inspired design elements. We recreated them with the centralized theme of the letter “L,” visible on back-side of all materials. We added a weathered/distressed texture to the front and back of all materials. We worked with our client(s) to ensure the verbiage/copy was precisely what they wanted to include and, as the saying goes, “the rest is history…”



Yepez 50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations

Mi Familia” commissioned Republic Design Company for the design and production of Rafael &/y Maria Elena(‘s) Yepez 50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations.

The invites had to be in both English and Spanish for the convenience of perspective invitees.

First, we created the “Save-The-Dates.” On the Spanish side, we included a picture of one of their original wedding photo’s from 1965, as they were originally married in Mexico. The English side contains a slightly more recent photo of them. Both photo’s are adorned with a fancy gold frame as the color gold is thee customary color theme for a 50th wedding anniversary.


Next, we created the main 50th wedding anniversary invite. Again, the Spanish side contains pre-wedding photo’s; English side – more recent.


The RSVP cards are actually postcards specifically designed for invitees to mail-back to a specific address; fully-equipped with postage and return address. Special note, the “scenic background/backdrop/painting ,”of front side of RSVP and Info card is a hand-painted rendering (artist unknown) of the city of Churintzio, Michoacan, Mexico, where both are originally from.


We also designed a information card that has a map of critical locations, times, and contact numbers.


Main invite, RSVP card, and info card were enclosed in a A7 (5.25in x 7.25in) envelope. We custom printed each address (with return address) on each envelope for an added level of customization.


Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary “Mom and Dad…”


“Noche De Estrellas”: Universal Music Latin Entertainment: Latin Grammys After-party

Universal Music Latin Entertainment commissioned Republic Design Company as the official Design Consultants for Universal Music Latin Entertainment’s, “Noche De Estrellas”, (presented by Dewar’s), Latin Grammy’s after-party extravaganza!

Universal Music Latin Entertainment received 51 Latin Grammy Nominations, making them the most nominated record label of the 2011 Latin Grammy Awards. As such, we were given the task of creating a centralized theme by which all marketing collateral elements would be designed after. After compiling the design brief from Universal Music Latin Entertainment, we created the following logo identity…


After the design and creation of the Universal Music Latin Entertainment, “Noche De Estrellas” (presented by Dewer’s) logo/identity/theme, we were then asked to design, create, implement, and produce the following marketing collateral pieces including:

1. Credentials

2. Invitations

3. Save the Dates

4. Step Repeat Media Wall

5. Tickets

6. Wristbands


1. Credentials:


2. Invitations:


3. Save The Date:


4. Step Repeat Media Wall:


5. Tickets:


6. Wristbands:


Special Thanks to Universal Music Latin Entertainment for allowing us the opportunity bring this project to fruition.

Special thanks to the people of Tropicana, Las Vegas for all your assistance and hospitality in Las Vegas, Nevada on 11.10.11. Nikki Beach, Las Vegas is an amazing venue!

Thanks to Dunkin’ Donuts for the $50 gift card .

Thanks to SESAC, Corona Extra, and mun2, for your assistance…

Thanks to all our partners and vendors who helped us bring this project to successful completion.