FIFA World Cup: Team Mexico (Selección Mexicana) Nicknames (Apodos)

"Team Mexico/Selección Mexicana Nicknames/Apodos"
“Team Mexico/Selección Mexicana Nicknames/Apodos”

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, David Beckham,” -are just a few of soccer’s (futbol’s) easily recognizable names. But if one asked who “Javier Hernandez” was, would you know this name to be one of Mexico’s National Football Team’s (Selección de Fútbol de Mexico) premier players? If, instead of saying Javier Hernandez, one said “Chicharito,” would you know, then, whom one was referring to?

Nicknames (or ‘apodos’) are just as prevalent (if not more-so) than the Mexican Futbol Players’ actual birth-names themselves. Another one of Team Mexico’s dominant strikers, “Oribe Peralta,” is rumored to have been given permission to omit his actual last name from his jersey, and use his more-recognizable nickname, “Hermoso (aka Beautiful).”

We at Republic Design Company have designed this easy-to-read reference guide of Mexico’s National Soccer Team Players nicknames/apodos; in-honor of thee upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup. Look and sound like a pro when cheering on “El Tri-Color aka El Tri,” this World Cup (and beyond). Also included in this handy-dandy nicknames/apodos quick reference guide, are the futbol teams each player belongs to in the FIFA World Cup off-season (during the regular season).

So what’s your favorite Mexican Futbol Player Nickname/Apodo?