Lalo MTZ Tattooer

Lalo MTZ Tattooer, (one of the premier tattoo artists at Chacmool Studio in Oxnard, [Silverstrand Beach], CA.), commissioned Republic Design Company for the design, implementation, and production of his latest batch of business cards:

Lalo MTZ Tattooer business card
Lalo MTZ Tattooer business card

Lalo MTZ has a classically unique ‘Sailor Jerry -esque’ type style that is timeless in the world of tattooing. He’s constantly coming out with new and innovative designs that push this-his style further-and-further into the realms of possibilities; as-well-as designing and developing new and unique designs his clients are seeking.

The concept for this latest business card was to include one of his most popular/almost iconic pieces on the back-side (not like there’s really a front or backside per-say, but for the sake of distinction). When one “thinks” of Lalo MTZ tattooer, one thinks of his classic “lantern” adorned with a rose at base and skull up-top. He purposely wanted the art, “his art,” to stand on it’s own. For the front, his contact info along with reference to the tattoo studio he’s currently working at in the Ventura County area, “Chacmool Studio.”

Lalo MTZ Tattooer business card digital comp
Lalo MTZ Tattooer business card digital comp

Call and set-up an appointment with Lalo MTZ today! Available by-appointment only:

Lalo MTZ Tattooer | (805) 382-0600 | Studio2323 Roosevelt Blvd #2 | Oxnard, CA 93035


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