G&G Vending

The Principals of G&G Vending commissioned REPUBLIC Design Company for the complete RE-design and Implementation of their logo/identity, coupled with the introduction of the official G&G Vending website/online presence.

The logo/identity is indicative of veteran-vending-machine-expert/Father (Principal) Joseph “Big Joe” Gonzalez, and Son (Principal) Joseph “Little Joe” Gonzalez, Jr. G&G Vending is a family owned business with well-over 30 years experience. G&G Vending’s competitive advantage lies in their year’s of experience in custom tailoring optimal vending-machine solutions for their clients.

The G&G Vending Website had to reflect the company’s customized solutions approach to new, existing, and perspective clients, along with a “best-seller’s” list of products and services. Simply put, you browse through the “best seller’s” product list at www.ggvending.com, click on desired items, and “violá”, a comprehensive list of your desired choices gets sent directly to a G&G Vending operative and shortly there-after, you receive a phone-call to more accurately access your needs… Don’t see what you want in their “best-seller’s” product list? G&G Vending WILL get it for you! It’s the G&G Vending way of doing business.

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“RE-connect with your PUBLIC… REPUBLIC!”



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