Chacmool Studio

Jose Alvizar, Principal tattoo artist and owner of Chacmool Studio, commissioned REPUBLIC Design Company for the design, implementation, and production of his latest round of marketing collateral pieces.
The focus of this campaign was to highlight the Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican stone statue, (after which Jose’s studio is named after), otherwise referred to as “Chacmool”. The Chacmool depicts a human figure in a position of reclining with the head up and turned to one side, holding a tray over the stomach. Long-story-short, legend has it that the Chacmool was a depiction of a former ruler of Chichen Itza. The tray the Chacmool holds over his stomach was used to hold the beating hearts of human’s for sacrificial ritualistic ceremonies.
Gruesomely awesome, right?!
The Chacmool (shown below) is actually hand drawn in CHARCOAL by Jose himself. It’s an original piece from his private sketch-pad. From here, we scanned the image in and custom-tailored the environment to fit with his desired aesthetic. Included is all pertinent information he requested, along with appropriate contact information.
Jose is an accomplished artist with an extensive portfolio and a signature, unmistakeable style. For more information please visit his site at:
::: ::: :::
“RE-connect with your PUBLIC… REPUBLIC!”

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