SOW CAL HYDRO: "Illuminated Outdoor Sign"

The principals of Sow Cal Hydro recently came into possession of an “illuminated outdoor sign” (not sure how) and asked REPUBLIC Design Company to create mock-up proofs of their Sow Cal Hydro store-front sign.

(Funny Story)…
Our clients asked us to use their logo, colors: red, green, and yellow, and the word “HYDRO” in really big letters. Our objective at “RDC” (Republic Design Company) is never to meet but always “over-achieve” our clients expectations.
As such, we sent them the top proof (white background with tiled Sow Cal Hydro logo @ 45º angle) to them 1st. While they were supremely impressed, they weren’t looking for anything that “extravagant”. Rather, they were “head-over-heels” when they received the 2nd round proof with a series of color options.
We strategically placed and sized the Sow (Tree) Cal logo to “flow” with the “Y” in “HYDRO”, along with the “L” (in Cal) and R (in Hydro) to line up together on their left hand side perfectly…
They say “Less is more”. We say:
“RE-connect with your PUBLIC… REPUBLIC”

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