California Body Shop

-Had the opportunity to swing by California Body Shop in Oxnard, CA., to say hello to our client and good friend Aldo Vasquez. The body shop is “kinda” on my way to work (“kinda”, ’cause it’s 1 block out of my way [-no worries]), and to my surprise; Aldo finally (-kidding, Aldo) put up his 16″ x 96″ main outdoor coroplast sign…

Tucked away in the back of the Shop was Aldo’s “pride-&-joy”. A 1960, GMC Suburban “Carryall”, complete with its killer Chameleon paint-job! When we created the back-side of his business card, we were provided with a high resolution image, and had never had the opportunity to see the actual vehicle… Until today!

It’s a “beaut”! One instinctively is inclined to see the vehicle from all different angles.

Thanks Aldo, for allowing me the opportunity to take these quick shots…
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“RE-connect with your PUBLIC… REPUBLIC!”

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