BRIAN & SUSY "Save-The-Date" Wedding Invite

6″ x 9″ Save-the-Date Postcard Invite:

Want “in” on a fresh new idea for your “Save-The-Date” Wedding Invite?! How about you let REPUBLIC Design Company help you create one that reflects your fun, playful personality and gets your guests excited about the blast they are going to have at your wedding?!
Brian & Susy commissioned REPUBLIC Design Company for the Photo-shoot, Design, Layout, and Production of their ultra-cool/unique “Save-the-Date” Wedding Invite (Postcard/Flyer).
After their personalized foto-shoot we were asked to perform for them out in Silverlake, California, we created a collage of their favorite out-takes and laid down a quasi-paisley print background with matching colors for “drama”. The end result? One word, three syllables: “Awe-some-ness”
Share your thoughts on how it came out!
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“Re-connect with your PUBLIC… REPUBLIC!”

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