Event Kits

What is it that makes “special events” so… Well… “Special”?! Is it your unrelenting attention to detail?! Music that makes you want to “boogie down”?! Whether you’ve come together for the music, your love for the theatre, the biggest hip-hop block party in town, or any other event that requires supreme design, REPUBLIC Design Company understands that streamlining the planning process helps you focus on the good stuff: making your party, “AWESOME”…
One way to make your events a success is with the right marketing collateral, and one way to increase your marketing efforts is with an Event Kit from REPUBLIC Design Company. With admission, raffle, and drink tickets that match posters, fliers, postcards, and invitations, you can wrap up your advertising efforts with a one-stop shop right here, at REPUBLIC Design Company.
We can custom tailor a kit for your next: concert, show, dance, recital, festival, gala, ball, fundraiser, and benefit! Celebrating the holidays? We’ve got you covered for Chanukah, Christmas, Valentine’s day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and Cinco de Mayo. No matter the occasion, there’s an Event Kit for you!
Call or shoot us an e-mail today to discuss your next Event!
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“RE-connect with your PUBLIC… REPUBLIC!!!”

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