A&A Auto Collision Center

Business Card (front):

Business Card (back):
Logo option 1:

Logo Option 2:
Logo Option 3:
Logo Option 4:

A&A Auto Collision Center commissioned REPUBLIC Design Company for the design and implementation of their comprehensive logo/identity revitalization project.
What makes this project unique is that Jerry Ayala, Principal and Owner of A&A Auto Collision Center, asked REPUBLIC Design Company to integrate his favorite auto body-type (the “Carmengia”), along with his company logo type-font (“A&A”). Coupled with palm trees on either side (for balance) and a Hawaii-esque backdrop, the end-result… Well… Tell us what you think!
Next up for A&A Auto Collision Center is a tri-fold informational brochure! Stay tuned for much more to come…
-REPUBLIC Design Company

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