RDM General Contractors

Business Card (Front):

Business Card (Back):

Business Card (Back):

David Sanchez of “RDM General Contractors Inc.” commissioned REPUBLIC Design Company for the art direction and development of his company identity.
The color selection was strategically selected to evoke a construction-oriented theme; along with 3-dimensional shapes mildly resembling the scaffold of a freshly erected high-rise…
(-On a related tangent), the following was a computer generated logo/identity version rejected by the client:
If you look closely at this design, you can see a capital “R”, a lowercase “d” and “m” all connected in such a way that, as a whole, vaguely exhibit the shape of a “heart”…
“General Contractors with heart…” Although our clients are passionate in their endeavors as general contractors, -were less than thrilled about this particular pitch…

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