Fred David of "The Fresh Report"/"Belle-1"

Industrial Designer, DJ, Motion-Graphic Designer, Sound Engineer, Aggregator, Fred David of “The Fresh Report” & “Belle-1” came to REPUBLIC Design Company to pay us a visit and discuss a wide array of topics of mutual interest. 
It was refreshing to gain insight from someone of a slightly different design discipline who, like us, wears many hats in order to satisfy his clients. Needless to say, that aligning ourselves with an amazing repertoire like that of Fred David & company is what REPUBLIC is always looking to accomplish. 
Please visit “The Fresh Report” (link below) for latest digs for music, beats, dope videos, pictures, sports, and all things FRESH:
“The Fresh Report”, click: here <—

Additionally, for everything in the realm of Formula DRIFT Racing communications such as: Radios, Helmets, Jumbotrons, Video Editing, and Sound Systems, be sure to contact “Belle-1” @ the link provided below.
“Belle-1” Racing Communications, click: here <—


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