Ecco Ultra Lounge

(from Left to Right)
Dj Colette, Me, Tom Nicholas (of “American Pie” the movie series).

REPUBLIC took a little detour Wednesday night to Check out the ecco-friendly nightclub appropriately titled: “Ecco, Ultra Lounge”. 

With features like energy-efficient LED lighting, organic cocktails and “waterless” urinals the principals of Ecco left no stone unturned from conception to completion in the design of Los Angeles’ 1st “green” nightclub. Everything from the paint on the walls to the cement on the floor is Eco-friendly. 

The Ecco Ultra Lounge identity/logo has simple-yet-sophisticated symmetry that goes a very long way to emphasize all it stands for. Oh, & it looks cool as well! 

1640 North Cahuenga Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA. 90028
323 464 2065 


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