On a Sunday Afternoon…

The view from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA.

Kit Hinrichs Exhibition at Art Center College of Design’s Alyce De Roulet Williamson Gallery, “Telling Stories Through Design: A Retrospective of Kit Hinrichs” 

I found this passage by Kit Hinrichs to encapsulate the essence of what it is we strive for here @ R E P U B L I C . 

“This exhibition is titled “The Storyteller’s Art” because the most effective communication is instilled with a compelling emotional narrative. Telling stories through design requires looking for a story in everything we produce. 
Design is a means to communicate the essence of a subject. It is a way to differentiate brand values by making the complex, simple; the opaque, transparent; the unstructured, concrete; the obtuse, accessible; the ordinary beautiful, and the message, memorable. 
For me, design, at it’s best, is a visual story with the same excitement, pacing and emotional power of a great play. And like producing a play, design is not a solitary act, but a collaboration that requires inspiring the talent and spirit of writers, illustrators, photographers, printers, fabricators and everyone else in the creative team. A successful result demands a clear vision and a consistent focus enabling all of the elements to speak with a single voice. 
After 40 years of practice, I am still excited by that challenge and possibilities that design presents, (Kit Hinrichs).” 

Some more amazing student artwork on display @ Art Center: 

At “AMERICANA” on Brand in Glendale, CA:

Old Seeley’s Furniture Building on Brand St. in Glendale:

Artist sketching mural in Eaglerock, CA.:

Lost on 7th in Downtown LA:

Weiland Brewery in Downtown LA:

The Arranger/Composer Series
Arthur Verocai
With 30-Piece Orchestra
Dj Sets by MADLIB & Dj NUTS

Folk-jazz composer-arranger ARTHUR VEROCAI is one of the most under-appreciated musical talents out of Brazil, having been long overshadowed by his contemporaries from the Tropicalia movement. Prolific yet unknown for years, he managed to stay under the radar for much of his musical career – until the ever-curious hands of hip-hop unearthed him. Now a favorite among crate-diggers and producers, Verocai is finally being recognized for his significant part in connecting continents and genres with his visionary excursions into psychedelic soul music. 
Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1945, his passion for music developed during the late fifties early sixties Brazil’s days of bossa nova. He became an accomplished guitarist and pianist, and in 1966 composed the song “Olhando o Mar” for Andrade’s LP Estamos Ai. Soon after, he began circulating in Brazil’s music festivals, where he came to the attention of legendary singers like Elis Regina and Ivan Lins, for whom he produced the 1971 album Agora. 
Living under an increasing repressive military dictatorship, Verocai maintained a civil engineering position while moonlighting as a composer-arranger for theater, television and the best recording artists in Brazil. He arranged works for artists across Brazil’s musical spectrum, including Gal Costa, Jorge Ben, Elizeth Cardoso, Marcos Valle and O Terco, among countless others…
Great performance, good times! 

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